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Development History
  • On 27 January 2016

    The Company completed the major transaction of acquisition of 19.99% entity interest in Fission Uranium Corp. (”Fission”)and became the single largest shareholder of Fission.

  • On 15 April 2015

    The Company completed the acquisition of 100% equity interests in Beijing Sino-Kazakh Uranium Investment Company Limited* (北京中哈铀资源投资有限公司)(“Beijing Sino-Kazakh”). After the completion of acquisition, the Company now holds 49% equity interests in Semizbay-U Limited Liability Partnership and two uranium mines in operation and sales

  • On 26 March 2015

    The Company completed the disposal of the food,Pharmaceutical and part of real estate business.

  • On 21 November 2011

    The name of Vital Group Holdings Limited (“Vital Group”) was formally changed to “CGN Mining Company Limited”.

  • On 18 August 2011

    CGNPC Uranium Resources Co. Ltd. *(中广核铀业发展有限公司), through its wholly-owned subsidiary, China Uranium Development Company Limited (HK), executed share subscription agreement with Vital Group, and subscribed for 50.11% shares of Vital Group and convertible bonds in the amount of HK600 million.