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CGN Mining Company Limited (the “Company”) is a company registered in the British Cayman Islands. and listed on the Main Board in Hong Kong, the stock code of which is HK1164. At present, the main business of the Company is the development and trading of natural uranium resources for use by nuclear enterprises.
In August 2011, China General Nuclear Power Corporation(中国广核集团有限公司) (“CGN”), through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, China Uranium Development Company Limited (中国铀业发展有限公司), acquired 50.11% equity interests in the former Vital Group Holdings Limited (维奥集团控股有限公司), and became the controlling shareholder of the Company. CGN is a wholly state-owned company established on 29 September 1994 under the laws of the PRC. Authorized by the State Council in accordance with the PRC Company Law and other administrative regulations, SASAC has the rights and obligations as an investor in CGN.
The Company positions itself as the sole overseas uranium development and trading platform of CGN. At present, the Company holds 49% equity interests in Semizbay-U Limited Liability Partnership (哈萨克斯坦谢米兹拜伊铀公司) and sales rights of the off-take quantity of products and 19.99% equity interest in Fission Uranium Corp. which is a Canadian uranium exploration company. In the future, the Company will explore potential investment projects, grow in size and business scale, and strives to be the leader in the industry.